Umar from Mexico converts to islam. "I saw the prophet in a dream".

Umar from Mexico converted to islam.  He was brought up in a Christian family, but he was searching for something else. 

Umar from Mexico converted to islam.  He was brought up in a Christian family, but he was searching for something else. 

Umar from Mexico converted to islam.  He was brought up in a Christian family, but he was searching for something else. He wanted to be a Christian though. He had a friend from the Middleast. He said that he was his friend and he helped him and they worked together. Another guy  he met he was really good. He was physically strong. He always washed his face. He used to do some stuff and that made Umar curious. He didn't want to ask because this guy was his boss.

Once, he heard this guy, his boss, listening to the Qur'an. 

Once he heard this guy listening to the Qur'an. He thought it was beautiful and that the man had a beautiful voice. He answered that this was not music, but Qur'an. He then was amazed that this guy was a Muslim. Was he a terrorist? Did he kill people? He then wanted to listen to the tape after that. Then he wanted the guy to translate it from arabic. He heard about Jesus and Mariam. He says: Allah says that the only religion is islam. So he thought, he couldn't like this part of the Qur'an as he was a Christian. Then he translated another part. He said: He (Muhammad) met Adam and Jesus. That part Umar liked. Then he wanted to read it for himself in Spanish. Then he asked himself: "Why am I reading this Qur'an?". So he put it away. Then he reflected upon the guy who was really strong but had something special in his heart and in his face.

Watch the video for the rest of the story when he goes to the Church, the Masjid and what he told us about his amazing dream.

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Winning Our Children Back to islam - Jeffrey Lang

I commend you for your caution. But in this case it may be excessive. In the beginning and end of the talk he says "As-salamu Alaikum". He says during the talk "I've been Muslim for 20 years" (paraphrase). Jeffrey Lang is a known Muslim who has written three books, one about his conversion to Islam called "Struggling to Surrender". What's wrong with his dress?? Okay... you got me on the beard part, but should that alone cause you to dismiss the tremendous wisdom he is imparting?

His reason for doing this dawah is that he wants Muslims to understand that they have to stop hiding the truth, because there are so many out there like him dying every day and we haven't saved them.

"Who is this Guy? Oh my God.. I'm a christian but this is sooo touching. I think is time to look in to this Muslim religion, even though I have been the biggest hatter of this religion. This guy mention things that I have been looking for for years. I will share this video with thuosands of my christian and other religion friends. Woww this is for real,, thank you man..."
/Christian after listening to this video

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Joshua Evans from USA - First a Christian - Then agnostics and then Muslim

The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister - 

Joshua Evans

His reason for doing this dawah is that he wants Muslims to understand that they have to stop hiding the truth, because there are so many out there like him dying every day and we haven't saved them. 

"Who is this Guy? Oh my God.. I'm a christian but this is sooo touching. I think is time to look in to this Muslim religion, even though I have been the biggest hatter of this religion. This guy mention things that I have been looking for for years. I will share this video with thuosands of my christian and other religion friends. Woww this is for real,, thank you man..."
/Christian after listening to this video

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It is good to emigrate for the sake of Allah

It is so good to emigrate for the sake of Allah. 

My son who is now eight has in just one year learnt five surahs from the Qur'an. 

  1. Surat al-Fatiha
  2. Surath al-Ikhlas
  3. Surat an-Nas
  4. Surah al-Falaq
  5. Surah al-Quraysh
  6. Surah al-Kawthar
  7. Surat al-Maoun
  8. Surat al-Masad
  9. Surah an-Nasr

Before he emigrated he knew absolutely nothing and he was not interested in islam at all. But after the emigration, he has learnt sooo much about islam. My daughter is only five and she will be six in august. She only knows a little, but she will learn more inchallah, Allah willing. 

She knows these surahs: 

  1. Surat al-fatiha
  2. Surat al-Ikhlas

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I am a Muslim convert

Bismillahi rahmani Rahim

Assalem aleikum to you all,
I am a convert since November 2000, before the 911 happened. I still remember that day. I lived in France with my husband (I am originally from Sweden and he from Tunisia) and I heard about the happening. I went out to buy a paper, because I did not think it was true. But it was. 

I have two kids and I love to blog. I have a blog where you can learn more from me: http://journalofamuslimconvert.blogspot.se/2012/06/introduction.html


Journal of a Muslim convert

I have found a journal of a Muslim convert that is really interesting. It is about a Woman who has been converted to islam since 2000, before the 911- World trade center every happened. Why did she do that. How did she do it, and how does she think, know and live? Find out more at A journal of a Muslim convert.


Atheist Shay from UK listens and agree on the four proofs about Gods existance given by the Muslim.

Shay (Work in Accounting Finance) is not a Christian and is Sceptical about Gods existance. He is given four proofs: 

1. The law of cause-and-effect, Universe is finite, The law of space-and-time (the laws of physics) and Allah
2. Everything is clever and complicated so it has to have an intelligent Creator, Intelligent Design, the lives of the honest prophets that came with good news and a warning are a proof
3. The book of the noble Qur'an
4. Find out the 4th one and if Shay converted...


Kelly got interested in islam after a straightforward answer from her best Muslim girlfriend

"I am a muslim and this is my conversion story. Everyone makes a conscoius decision to be a Muslim at some point in your life, even when you are born in a Muslim family because of deeper questions", says Kelly, a convert to islam.

Kelly was born and raised a Christian and spent time in Church and thought everyone was a Christian. She first learnt about islam when she was eight. She was in class when her teacher said that a muslim terrorist had killed many people in world trade center. She only thought that Muslims are bad. At the age of eight when she knew about islam for the first time, she also experienced her parents divorce. She decided to live with her Mum. She did not go to Church nor her father, but Kelly still wanted to go to Church. She was her own Christian. Music was such a big thing in this Church. That made her questioning. Does dancing and singing make you a better Christian? 

From the age of 13 until 16 she had no religion and she said religion is Christianity, but she thought about those who did nothing when she said that. She still read the Bible in secret while secretly thinking that it was wrong.  

Once, at the age of 16 she read a verse in the Bible where it says that Christian people must cover their hair. She thought for her self that no Christians did that. The only people who covered their hair were the Muslims. What else does they say about the Muslims in the bible? "Don't eat pork. Don't drink". So she thought for herself if you have read the whole Bible why do you still eat pork and why don't you cover your hair? So she stoped reading the Bible. 

Because everything she read was a Muslim thing to do. She interrogated priests and they never gave her a satisfactory answer. She had two friends that were Muslims. One was a girl and one was a boy. Her best friend did not try to convert her to islam, but once, on a biology class she once answered a question from Kelly so easily and with no struggle or discussion. That made a great impact on Kelly. And the answer made sense and that made her curious about islam. Before that she thought about Muslims as the Bad People. 

You don't get door-to-door Muslims. Once she texted her other friend, who was at the Mosque, and he replied that he could not text because he was in the Mosque. She then wondered, what was this secret place? It was not bad, only secret. She was jealous. She compared the Mosque with the Church, because when you enter the Church you have to put on a mask and be something you were not. And you had to impress everyone. It was so hard. When she discovered the Mosque she wanted to know the secret about the Mosque. After the conversion she really feels that she can be herself. 


Ruben from Australia converts to islam after exploring every big religion in the world

Ruben (a very funny guy listening to him) was brought up an atheist by two ex-christian parents. He once went to a Christian camp that was really funny. He listened to the songs the they sang beautifully about God who loved everybody and he thought to himself: "God loves me? My dog died"

He first investigated Christianity, and all time he got more questions and all answers he got from Christians were all personal answers. The Bible has so many interpretations. What is the deal with the Elephant head guy in Hinduism? He explored that religion too. He went into the religion of Mormons and he did not have enough proof to accept that religion either. He did not find what he was looking for. He finally found Buddhism, the pace and the One with the world. He also found that it was not a religion of God, only a nice way to live. 

Then he thought about Islam and he only thought that he did not want to become a terrorist so why even bother to explore that religion... 


Tim Chambers from Ireland converts to islam

Tim Chambers from Ireland is a convert to Islam. He was brought up Irish Catholic. At age of 15 he ran away from home. He had a step-father, living with him and his mother, who beat him. His father was absent. He fled from home and had seventeen addresses where he could stay. He became depressed. He started to think that he had to find the real him. He get back into school. He chose to study politics at University. The reason to study is normally to have a job and marry. But he did not. He chose to study to find himself. He read all the things Mahatma Gandhi had written. He liked this man and started to act like him. He then read about Tolstoy and started to act like him. He once asked a socialist why he wanted to help people and so on. The answer was that he wanted to have a bigger house and car. He then read about Buddha and started to act like Buddha and started to meditate. They said to him to contemplate on the "Supreme Nothings". He could not believe that so he left the campus. He then attended a Christian meeting when somebody went up on stage and started to play on a guitar. He then experienced somebody starting trembling in the middle of the crowd. He freaked out and ran. He then had a girl-friend and she said "time has changed" because her religion has said her that. During ten years of researching he only found islam and muslims through his girl-friend, that wanted to leave him. He was told to read some books. He started to read the Qur'an during the time of Ramadhan. He fasted one day at the end of Ramadhan and then took his shahada. 


Sara converted to islam

Sara is a girl from USA discovered to Islam when she was 14 years old. She was researching Christianity and she was happy with Christianity and wanted to stay that way. She stumbled upon Islam by accident, she tells us. 

It is difficult to see somebody who wears hidjab where she lives, so one day when she say a friend's mom wear one, she got curious. She looked up why Muslim women wear head-scarfs? She read the answers on her mobile-phone and Wikipedia linked her to other sites. One of them said that Islam, Judaism and Christianity are Abrahamic faiths. She were amazed about this new piece of information. When it got down to details about the religion, it said that Christianity had been split up into three pieces. She did not know what to think while reading this news. She were chocked as trinity was not explicitly explained at her church. That she had never believed in the trinity and it came very clear when she read about Islam. 

She talked later on with her male friend about trinity and she knew that Muslims know more about Christians than Christians do about themselves. That evening she profoundly researched about islam more and she started to think about her self as an "ibrahimic atheist", because she did not believe nor in trinity or Judaism because Judaism it rejects Jesus.

In June, 2010, she officially converted to Islam. It was a really hard time after that. The initial thing was that they do not accept who she were. Now it is hard to be a Muslim in other ways.  In November on Thanksgiving, she had already stopped eating porc. and she knew at some point that her family would put some porc in the food. She asked them and they denied. When she ate it she found that there were something in the food. Then they started to talk about faith - if she was a jew or a muslim. That led to a big discussion about religion, terrorists and much more. 


Jessica from USA converts to islam

Born in America in a Christian family. She fell away from the church and at age of 15 she had her son and was addicted to drugs. She has always believed in God, but trinity confused her. It was in the light of islam and Qur'an that she understood the Bible. She understands and explains the word Allah and she still believes in Jesus, the man of truth, who did many wonderful things. He will be on Allahs right side on Judgement day. 


Max Dahlstrand from Sweden converts to islam

Max Dahlstrand from Sweden converts to islam. This is his story. He was not looking for islam or anything, but Allah sent him a muslim and this man talked about islam and the words came to his heart. After that he tried to find muslims in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, and by chance he heard about a place and he went there. Today there is a mosque in Stockholm, and everybody can go there. Swedish people are lost and needs hidaja very much. Only 5 % are Christians in belief. 


Rosita together with 100 people from Philippines convert to islam

Everyday, everywhere, people all over the world, convert to islam. Ash-hado an la illaha illa Allah, wa ash-hado anna muhammadon rasol Allah. I bear witness that there is no god, but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, she declares. 

Swedish girl (Kate) converts to islam after talking with a girl on the bus

Swedish girl (Kate) converted to islam and got interested on the bus talking with a girl who was not afraid of talking about islam. 


David from UK converts to islam on the street

David accepts and embrace islam after a short talk on the street with this man. It is very easy to do dawah, but most people are afraid of telling the truth. They are afraid of being mocked. Do you mock these men?


Tony Blair's sister-in-law converts to islam

Everyday, everywhere, people, all over the world embrace islam with love. 

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law has converted to Islam after having a ‘holy experience’ in Iran.
Broadcaster and journalist Lauren Booth, 43 - Cherie Blair’s half-sister - said she now wears a hijab head covering whenever she leaves her home, prays five times a day and visits her local mosque ‘when I can’.
She decided to become a Muslim six weeks ago after visiting the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in the city of Qom. 
‘It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy,’ she told The Mail on Sunday.
When she returned to Britain, she decided to convert immediately. 
‘Now I don’t eat pork and I read the Koran every day. I’m on page 60. I also haven’t had a drink in 45 days, the longest period in 25 years,' she said. 
'The strange thing is that since I decided to convert I haven’t wanted to touch alcohol, and I was someone who craved a glass of wine or two at the end of a day.’
Refusing to discount the possibility that she might wear a burka, she said: ‘Who knows where my spiritual journey will take me?’
Before her awakening in Iran, she had been ‘sympathetic’ to Islam and has spent considerable time working in Palestine. ‘I was always impressed with the strength and comfort it gave,’ she said of the religion.
Miss Booth, who works for Press TV, the English-language Iranian news channel, has been a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq.
In August 2008 she travelled to Gaza by ship from Cyprus, along with 46 other activists, to highlight Israel’s blockade of the territory. 
She was subsequently refused entry into both Israel and Egypt.
In 2006 she was a contestant on the ITV reality show I’m A Celebrity .  .  . Get Me Out Of Here!, donating her fee to the Palestinian relief charity Interpal.
She said she hoped her conversion would help Mr Blair change his presumptions about Islam.


mobila bredband


The biggest sins in islam

Here is a list of the biggest sins of islam. If you have at least one of it you should repent at once. Read more about how to repent here.

Surely, Allah does not forgive associating anything with Him, and He forgives whatever is other than that to whomever He wills. (al-Nisa 4:48 and 116) 

01. Associating anything with Allah
02. Murder
03. Practising magic
04. Not Praying
05. Not paying Zakat
06. Not fasting on a Day of Ramadan without excuse
07. Not performing Hajj, while being able to do so
08. Disrespect to parents
09. Abandoning relatives
10. Fornication and Adultery
11. Homosexuality(sodomy)
12. Interest(Riba)
13. Wrongfully consuming the property of an orphan
14. Lying about Allah and His Messenger
15. Running away from the battlefield
16. A leader's deceiving his people and being unjust to them
17. Pride and arrogance
18. Bearing false witness
19. Drinking Khamr (wine)
20. Gambling
21. Slandering chaste women
22. Stealing from the spoils of war
23. Stealing
24. Highway Robbery
25. Taking false oath
26. Oppression
27. Illegal gain
28. Consuming wealth acquired unlawfully
29. Committing suicide
30. Frequent lying
31. Judging unjustly
32. Giving and Accepting bribes
33. Woman's imitating man and man's imitating woman
34. Being cuckold
35. Marrying a divorced woman in order to make her lawful for the husband
36. Not protecting oneself from urine
37. Showing-off
38. Learning knowledge of the religion for the sake of this world and concealing that knowledge
39. Bertrayal of trust
40. Recounting favours
41. Denying Allah's Decree
42. Listening (to) people's private conversations
43. Carrying tales
44. Cursing
45. Breaking contracts
46. Believing in fortune-tellers and astrologers
47. A woman's bad conduct towards her husband
48. Making statues and pictures
49. Lamenting, wailing, tearing the clothing, and doing other things of this sort when an affliction befalls
50. Treating others unjustly
51. Overbearing conduct toward the wife, the servant, the weak, and animals
52. Offending one's neighbour
53. Offending and abusing Muslims
54. Offending people and having an arrogant attitude toward them
55. Trailing one's garment in pride
56. Men's wearing silk and gold
57. A slave's running away from his master
58. Slaughtering an animal which has been dedicated to anyone other than Allah
59. To knowingly ascribe one's paternity to a father other than one's own
60. Arguing and disputing violently
61. Witholding excess water
62. Giving short weight or measure
63. Feeling secure from Allah's Plan
64. Offending Allah's righteous friends
65. Not praying in congregation but praying alone without an excuse
66. Persistently missing Friday Prayers without any excuse
67. Unsurping the rights of the heir through bequests
68. Deceiving and plotting evil
69. Spying for the enemy of the Muslims
70. Cursing or insulting any of the Companiions of Allah's Messenger
If you avoid the major (part) of what you have been forbidden (to do), We will cancel out for you your (other) evil deeds and will admit you (to Paradise) with a noble entry. (al-Nisa 4:31

The effects of sins: 

Ten things to remove sins:

A khottba from May 4th 2012 about sins in islam.